Lorenzo Mori began mixing with turntables donated by his father, famous DJ and radio speaker at the age of 15, from there the music becomes an integral part of his life.

Towards the age becomes resident of “I love minimal” in the legendary Shindy Club of Bassano Del Grappa and plays in all the most famous clubs of triveneto. His first CPU party is organized at the Vinyl Club of Bassano del Grappa. shortly after moving to London in 2015 he creates his project that today accompanies “The Northern scum”.

In 2016 he moved to Berlin where he plays in Wielde Renate’s Cargo Club and with his collective of 4 members called Radiance, organizes several parties, especially open airs. In the summer of 2015, his May Day party was named one of the top 5 alternative Mayday parties. From 2016 he began to produce music and create his own sound. Lorenzo Mori is driven by a passion for raw and rough sound created by analog machines. Son of art, he traveled from Venice all over Europe, experiencing the love for currents such as post punk, industrial, ebm up to the darkest variants of techno.