Kaos is an agency based in Italy/Berlin.

Claudia Miazzi, aka Kaos, founded Kaos Agency in October 2022.
She obtains several specialised diplomas including: Sound design – Naba (Milan).
Event manager – Ied (Milan). Speaker and radio director – ART (Rome).
Various work experiences in the world of clubbing between Milan, Bologna and Berlin in the organization of events, then after experience as a booker at an agency of management agency, she decided to set up on his own in order to apply his values in the project and his artistic vision. She therefore founded Kaos agency.

The mission of KAOS is to grow the artists on the roster, giving music and art a place within the evolving underground scene, with a political and social outlook. Kaos is not just an agency, it is a safe place where the artist can fully reveal himself, a family that shares values and visions.
Kaos agency is Claudia’s mirror: activist, queer, feminist, rebel.

Kaos agency is based on 3 fundamental concepts:
– In the first place the artist
– Promotion and protection of the underground
– An agency above any ‘artistic definition’ that can represent different types of artist*