Based in: ParisSet Type: Dj Set/Dj set + VoiceBooking in: Italy,Germany

REBEKA WARRIOR has been an author, composer and performing artist for more than 15 years in 3 different groups: Mansfield.TYA (with Carla Pallone), Sexy Sushi (with College) and KOMPROMAT (with Vitalic).

She is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and has been mixing and producing as a solo artist for several years and performs both in France and internationally. In 2020 Rebeka Warrior co-founder WARRIORECORDS further instilling herself as an essential figure of the French electronic scene.

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Based in: Florence Set Type: Dj Set/Live Booking in:Europe

SARABAMBA is the name of the queer-tech project born in Florence, Italy in 2022. Collaborating with the producer Abo Abo, SARA and BAMBA have established a musical project featuring original “frizzantino” (fizzy) pop tracks.

Their DJ sets constitute a diverse flow of techno selections, while maintaining a plurality of subgenres, with tribal and trance influences. Since 2022, they have built a versatile and inclusive collective, comprising DJs, performers, visual artists, photographers, graphic designers, and stylists. All of this finds expression in the events of the format created by SARABAMBA, Astrofluid, resident at the Cassero LGBTQIA+ Center in Bologna, as well as in select Tuscan clubs. The choice to wear masks, initially to avoid recognition by their mothers, has evolved over time into an identity trait rooted in anonymity.


Based in: Lyon Set Type: Dj Set Booking in: Italy

Witness & actor of the techno movement rise, from backrooms dirty parties, with modest and defective sound system in the early 90’s to the apogee of this « electronic music’s » supremacy, David Asko is well known to be one of the most experienced Dj of the french underground scene In fact, he started standing behind turntables nearly 27 years ago. Through all this journey, he shared line-ups with the best such as: Dax-J, Rebekah, Paula Temple, Ben Klock, Jeff Mills, Luke Slater, I Hate Models, Marcel Dettmann, Laurent Gamier & many more. Those shared line-ups are now the testament not only of his talent, but the way he has been received in the techno community in France and across Europe. His performances make an unforgettable impression, both by his energy and by his scenic presence. He knows how to be a real crowd-pleaser and he galvanizes any audience he’s got in front of him. 2021 was a pivotal year for him with many projects. His best 2017’s release, on A-Traction Records, called TECHNO THERAPY count now more than 100k plays on soundcloud and a new edition released in 2021 with remixes from Axel Picodot, Jacidorex, Sterling Moss & La Fraicheur. He also released a very fresh EBM / Rave Industrial style track called “Die Raving” on D.CARBONE’s imprint – Carbone Records & another EP on STAY UP FOREVER with Jacodorex again ! January 2022 David released an EP on the famous Dutch label Obscuur Rec, with remixes by Valysin, Darzack & D.Carbone. He released an huge fast techno EP on Jacidorex’s label in November 2022 called “Black Sky” | 2023 will be crazy: he just release an EP “Dream” on A-Traction Records (incl Jusai & Gary Beck Remixes) & a huge remix for Ayats & Thorvald, released first week of April 2023, on A-Traction Records. Every month David is resident of SLALOM Club in Lille (France) after 8 years of residency at Magazine Club Lille (FR). David is the founder of the famous French queer TBM (Techno Body Music) event, which brings together thousands of people all weekend in France & Europe!


Based in: Bologna Set Type: Dj Set + Live Booking in: Europe

LAURAPALM3R is the obscure-techno project by the Italian artist Tiff Lion. She has already shaped a successful career with Tying Tiffany, seven top-seller albums, lot of singles and played hundred of shows and festivals in Italy, Europe and America.

Tiff also create instrumental music for soundtracks and trailers with the moniker T.T.L. featured in The Hunger Games, Coriolanus, Battleship movies trailer. Her music set mashes an icy cool take on Techno dark textures to EBM/industrial focusing on the darker side of being alone.


Based in: Paris/BerlinSet Type: Dj Set/Live SetBooking in: Italy

A fetish of machines and other sound generators, Munsinger expresses the energy of a generation in search of new extremes.
His style oscillates between Techno, Rave and EBM sonorities where sexy synth riffs, metallic snares and martial rhythms mingle.
One of France most exciting up and coming DJ, live artist and producer, bringing a sensual streak to hard hitting cyber punk grooves and body-bending sonic explorations.


Based in: France Set Type: Dj Set Booking in: Italy

Minuit Machine is an electronic music project led by Amandine Stioui. Hybrid and immersive, Minuit Machine’s music crosses genre barriers and shuns labels.
Thanks to powerful sounds and heady melodies, Minuit Machine unveils a world of its own.
Founded in 2013, the project has never stopped mutating, while preserving the DNA that makes it unique: emotion.
Amandine Stioui, producer and singer, is also a DJ. Therefore, the project reveals itself on live, with a musician, and in the warmth of the clubs through a techno we could describe as brutal and vibrant.
A new album will be released in the beginning of 2025.


Based in: BolognaSet Type: LiveBooking in: Europe

Fucksia are Mariana Mona Oliboni, Marzia Stano, Poppy Pellegrini.
Daughters of chance and mothers of chaos, transfeminist and proudly queer, they are the perfect combination of punk attitude, techno and psychedelic sounds. Their music is a triptych of adrenaline, passion and revolutionary energy. Three musicians, singers and performers, producers of electronic music and lovers of contamination, they set up this project open to continuous collaborations with visual artists, stylists and video makers, mostly female realities and fluid subjectivities.
Mariana Mona Oliboni aka Mona / Stereo originally from Brazil and Milanese by adoption, she arrived in the world of live performance with “UPnea”, a women’s project that mixed circus, music and theater. She transcends the boundaries between the performing arts by integrating unusual musical instruments such as the saw, distortions, special make-up and video-art. In 2014 she founded the duo “Dadi Etro” with Riki and in 2016 she joined the Teknopunk band “Killanation” as vocalist and keyboardist. Following the tragic and untimely death of Riki, her artistic and professional partner for life, Mariana transforms her inner suffering into alchemical forms of glass: she moves to Murano (Venice) where, together with her best friend and partner they found the first glass art factory run by women “the rebel glassmakers” and the Glass Groove project.
Poppy aka Circuit Element began his musical experience as guitarist and bassist in the band Jolaurlo (2005-2010). In 2012 she moved to Berlin, a crucial stage for her musical and professional growth, where she founded the OSTeRIOT crew with whom she began to play electronic music and techno in social centers, clubs and rave parties of the Berlin underground scene. She collaborates with realities of the queer scene such as LaRoboterie (Rome).
Marzia Stano is a proud active part of the queer community. She started playing music since young age and founded the indie-electro band Jolaurlo. In 2013 she founded her solo project with the debut album “Una, nessuna, centomila” produced by Giacomo Fiorenza (I Cani, Colapesce, Cosmo etc) taken on a European tour to Paris, London, Berlin, Luxembourg, Brussels and in the USA for the Hit Week festival. She has opened concerts for Siouxie, Skunk Anansie, Cat Power, Franco Battiato. In 2016 she went on tour as drummer and keyboardist of singer Angela Baraldi while she wrote her third solo album “AcidaBasicaErotica”, a record featuring internationally renowned names such as the Canadian rappers “Random Recipe” and the Maltese Mc Phil West. She is the producer and artistic director of the music area for Elastico cultural association and club in Bologna and a co-founder of Elastico Records, the first openly transfeminist label in Italy. She is a member of the “Donna Circo” project which remake of the first feminist record in Italy (1974), which was released in June 2021 by La Tempesta discs.


Based in: RomaSet Type: Live A/V

“Sailing Through Silence” is a project born from the rediscovery of valuable visual and photographic material from Expeditions XIII and XIV, promoted by Enea for the ItaliaAntartide research project in 1998, in which my father, researcherVincenzo Di Martino, participated. The collection includes over 300 slides and numerous hours of video recordings on cassette. This legacy of images inspired my creativity, leading to the composition of musical pieces conceived to accompany the unique visual experience of that journey. The result is a 45-minute video, soundtracked using sound synthesis techniques and ambient recordings extracted from the videos themselves. The combination of images and music creates an experience that challenges the boundaries between documentary and dreamlike experience, immersing the viewer in a world where the line between reality and dream becomes thin, thanks to the evocative panorama of Antarctica.